A very full weekend

The weekend was great! Kickball Fri night rocked…we won which means we continue on this week in the playoffs. Regardless this week will be the last one. In a way I won’t miss it cause seeing POS just isn’t a whole lot of fun for me. He actually approached me and said hello (which may have been a first?) so I gave him the hey what’s up response but not a whole lot of attention otherwise. We hung out as a group after and he stuck around for a bit…but only cause his groupies were no where to be seen. Shitty girl was out of town partying with others & his daughter wasn’t there so he really had no one. Hmmm lol

I worked during the day Saturday but went out with friends to a bar when the band we wanted to see cancelled. Ended up meeting Eddie…who had already spent quite a bit of time at the bar. He was a trip! He made the night pretty entertaining and we all had a good time. The alcohol made me start missing POS but I hung out long enough the feeling to call him passed. I admit I did do a drive by on his house & his truck was parked so apparently he didn’t have any hot plans after his kid’s graduation party (hope he also had a great time hanging with his crazy ass ex at her house haha!!). 

Sunday was work again. And an early morning apology text from Eddie for the dozen drunk calls he kept making to my phone. It was nothing obnoxious or out of line…just some funny voice mails as he walked home drunk. I told him no worries! And he actually texted me later again so we met for an early dinner and to hang out. He’s actually really cool & is a bartender so a good people person. I told him we’d hit his place for girls night. The good part is he works all week but on weekends loves to do things which works perfect for me. I think we might try kayaking with some friends soon. 

Now the downer of the weekend…some old dude backed into my NEW car in a parking lot Sunday night. Then he tried to blame me. Wtf sir??? So now I’m dealing with this which sucks. I’m going right after work to get an estimate and get this started. Argh!!!! He said he will pay and not go thru insurance so you know it’s going to get special. Guess we just can’t have nice things. 

Tonight is cornhole. POS will be there but luckily we don’t play his team. I am curious to see how he’s going to act.


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