Let’s get this week rolling

I took the car after work to get an estimate. Of course it’s $475 plus another $60 for a car rental. Right about what I expected. So when I call the delightful old man to tell him and ask where he wants me to send the estimate he’s all “we need to work on those numbers”. Umm wtf no. You hit me. I’m not paying for shit. And no I’m not driving an hour to some place you want me to take the car to either. Get that thru your fathead after I’ve told you NO 5 times! So now he’s going to call his insurance today and then we’ll talk again. He thought it would be maybe $200. What a clueless idiot. Even the car estimate lady wished me luck dealing with him.

Of course it starts raining after this so by the time I’m leaving for cornhole it’s pouring hard! I was like too bad I’m going just see who is there and hang out cause the house is a little cray cray. The roommate’s mother has been here  since like Thursday and with her little dog that yaps and pees all over the house. And they yell all the time…IDK if that’s the volume they speak in or if they are really yelling, but it’s a little much after a whole weekend. Also literally 5 minutes after the mother leaves I see the ex boyfriend is back and she’s cooking dinner so I’m out!

Get to cornhole and we did end playing which was great. Had a fun night! POS came and I said a casual hello to him and spoke with his daughter. After the games were all over he came up and was asking about my car so we talked a little. I then asked about his other daughters graduation which he said was bad. The party sucked (haha) so he just drank there and it was all his exs friends who came. I was like wow that sounds fun. He told me about a few things which I think is kind of funny. I mean I’m glad the girls are doing well but why tell me? Oh I know cause nobody else really knows how fucked up the situation was for the last year so he can’t tell them. How sad I’m the only one that really knows the details of things?

I was talking with a friend this morning about her crazy ex. I said he was a fucktard. And then we talked about a few crazy things he’s done cause he fucked it up big time with her. It made me realize POS is a fucktard too. I am done making excuses for him and honestly no longer feel like it  (part of me moving on). I thanked my friend for helping me see realize that.

Tonight is a food tasting event that I’ve mentioned to a group of people so we’ll see who shows. It should be a low key fun event for the evening. I had told a guy from the online site about it so we’ll see if he shows. And girls night is already in the works for Thursday…I believe it’s Mexican this week!


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