Riddle me this

So yesterday I realized that POS is a fucktard. Break thru for me!!!

He texts me after work how he can’t come and has to sleep and go in early for work. Ummm wtf? So it turns out he was referring to the food tasting event. I guess he didn’t know I had told lots of people about it & didn’t want to be an ass not inviting him when he was standing there. Lol. Ok thanks for letting me know fucktard.

The food tasting thing was ok. It was a fun time cause a few of us went and laughed a lot. Nothing super special but for $8 it was dinner.

I go home and am watching tv when guess who texts me asking how the event was? Seriously! We end up texting for about a half hour about random topics and then I said I needed to sleep. 

But wtf!?! I declare you a fucktard and now you are contacting me?? I don’t know what any of that was. I’ll see him Friday at kickball which thankfully is the last game win or lose. Perhaps he figured out I was/am moving on and there are other guys out there sniffing around? Haha! Or maybe he’s afraid of losing his booty call? Although I haven’t called for any of that either. I just don’t get it…


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