Hello weekend

Argh…my car repair has turned into a giant pain in the ass. So after this week waiting on the old man and the insurance company, the insurance lady now tells me he wants to pay out of pocket rather than claim it. So we are right back to where we were Monday night when I originally spoke with this difficult dumbass. So now I have to contact him (he claims my phone number doesn’t work??) and see about getting this scheduled. I want it done ASAP!

I had therapy for my ankle this week. The first day wasn’t bad but I don’t know what we did Thursday. BOTH my legs have been in pain since I woke up Friday. Holy crap sore. I even went to the chiropractor after work Friday cause I think the bed at the new house is funky. I just feel off you know? I’ve had a sore throat a few days and feel blah. I am so happy to have this weekend off to chill. 

Last night was the end of kickball. We lost in a playoff game. The captain was ticked with some of the playing and I don’t blame him. He even asked fucktard if he was drunk. Haha!! I really hope he doesn’t ask POS to play again for the next season. It’s hard to move on with my life when he keeps popping up you know? I’m not necessarily trying to date or meet somebody but it feels awkward (at least to me) having him around. I’ve never remained friends with an ex and this is probably why. 

I was hoping to beach this weekend but it looks rainy. I got some books and really need to do laundry. Unpacking more might be a good idea too. I mean it has been over a month. Which is crazy. It’s gone so fast & I do like it here. I just wish my house would get rented out!! It had a showing last week. 


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