Happy Father’s Day

Being 1300 miles away from my dad isn’t always easy & it’s days like this that it especially sucks. I used to live 2 miles from my parents and we did spend a lot a of time together. As my dad has gotten older and health issues have arisen it’s just more of a reminder of time passing. I know I’m fortunate enough to see my parents several times a year plus they come down to visit. I’ve worked hard to keep the relationship my dad and I established a few months ago when my mom wasn’t speaking to me. I’ll see him in a few weeks when I go back home to work a weekend event.

I guess just being at church this morning the sermon and all the dads present has just made me a little teary today. And being single. Last year POS and I were still in the blissful beginning of our relationship so I didn’t notice these sad days as much. It’s definitely more obvious when you are alone. 


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