Which direction?

I feel like I’m taking steps forward and backward. But some of the backward steps then actually help me move forward if that makes any sense?

Like for example Sunday after seeing Finding Dory with my girlfriend driving home I called fucktard to ask if he wanted to go for ice cream. I don’t know why. I was a little lonely or wanting company? I surprised he agreed and off we went. Came back to his house where his youngest daughter is staying for a few weeks while her mom moves houses. Now this is the daughter who hasn’t spoke to me in a year and has tons of her own problems. She was watching the basketball finals with a girlfriend. We ended up having some laughs and talking. When I left she wished me a safe drive home & not in a hit a tree die bitch tone. I was truly surprised.

Last night was cornhole. My big bro and I played fucktard and his oldest daughter (we beat them easily 😝). I spent the night hanging with other people and playing fun games. I am still finding it surprising how many of the other guys don’t like fucktard. Apparently they don’t care for how I have been treated by him. I mean they are still polite but he’s not really included. I assumed the bro code would have taken effect but I guess some guys don’t agree with that theory (which is nice to see). It’s nice to feel some support.

I had asked fucktard on Sunday if he wanted to join me for this groupon thing I had bought way back. He said last night to call him. Wtf does that mean? If you don’t want to or can’t go just say so. Believe me there are others I can ask (which I don’t have a problem telling him). And why do I have to call you? Weird. 

So the roommate’s ex was back last night sleeping on the couch. I don’t get it. If you cheated on me and don’t ever contribute financially to ANY thing EVER I wouldn’t be so nice. She has another nice decent way more appropriate guy who wants to date but she’s trying to get this mess sorted out first. Which is good. Why he keeps getting back in the house I don’t know. But I get it going thru my phases with fucktard. 


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