So I called POS on Tuesday at lunch & left a message. Never heard from him. Woke up Wednesday to a text from him apologizing for not calling back and that his work was crazy. I started thinking of other people I could ask to this food tour. Called him after work (since he did send an apology) and he answered. We talked for a bit and then I brought up the food tour schedule. We found a date that worked for both of us, but not before I finally said “hey you don’t have to go I can ask somebody else” to which POS responded “no I want to go”. ????? Really? I was a little surprised to hear him say that. We’re going July 3rd so hopefully he doesn’t bail. My girl friend doesn’t think he will. 

I laid low this week. Too much going out the first month left me feeling a little wiped out. Lol. Trying to get on a schedule for at least a few days a week.  Monday is cornhole. Tuesday is the bridge walk. After tonight we are moving girls night to Wednesday. No more kickball means Friday’s we can go out again! I’m excited for tomorrow–we’re going to see a band so some music & dancing should be fun! 💃

Have had a few guys chat me up on the dating site. One gave me his number to meet for a drink. So perhaps another meeting is on the horizon. I’m still not sure how I feel going out with somebody but I figure I need to keep getting out there. Never know who I might meet is what everyone keeps telling me and I am starting to believe them. 


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