Weekend bumming

It’s been an interesting weekend. These storms coming & going keep giving me headaches (blah) which I never got when I originally moved here. I always had them up north. Unfortunately it’s started again. The good news is either my allergies have settled down or my stress levels have gone down cause my ears aren’t plugging up anymore (they have been since end of January). I can hear again!

Friday night started with me trying to leave the house & my roommate’s adult daughter & husband (who stayed at the house this weekend while she went out of town) asking me if I had seen their bowl. I was like no & why are you leaving dishes laying around. Yeah then it dawns on me they mean weed & such. That’s not my scene & I admit I am naive to those things. They are staying to take care of the dog and make sure the ex doesn’t show up (which is good cause I don’t want to be in the middle of that drama). I like them but I’ll be glad when my roommate is back cause I’m used to her routine. Not to mention the house smells like weed a lot lately. 

So Friday I go out with my gf & her bf to hear a band. After a bit we decide to call it a night. Guess we were feeling old. Lol. It had been a blah week and I just wanted some company so I texted POS. He was on his way home too so after I put on my pjs I went over to his house. He was in the shower so I turned on the tv and was just laying there. We talked a little about the week, night out, watched tv but really I just wanted company I guess? I fell asleep with him cuddling. Plus his bed is comfortable and the one I was given at the house isn’t. We woke up in the morning & I asked him about the food tour. He said he thought it would be fun and we always have fun together. I was like so what is the issue then and have you even given it more thought these months or are you full of it? He says he has and he’s reading one of the books from our therapy. He has just one big hold up he can’t get past. I had said something about the girls not being in our lives or something and that really bothers him I feel that way. I said that comment is being misunderstood and taken out of context. It was also said at our worst and lowest time of frustration for both of us which he agreed. I said I have always wanted them in our lives but for no reason they hated me no matter what I did and I was also unfairly blamed for things I didn’t do. I pointed out the girls and I have made huge steps forward in our relationship which he admitted seeing. I also said part of church teachings and such is forgiving so he can’t keep crucifying me for something I said when I have made changes not to mention the things he actually did to me I have been able to forgive and move forward. I’m not really sure where things are going. I mean if he won’t give us a chance at dating how can he see if there have been changes with me & the girls? 🤔

Saturday I was a bum due to more headaches. Although I feel my stress is leveling down as my body feels better. My ankle is improving! At therapy on Friday they said the flexion has increased and it is getting stronger. It’s still slow going and I have my exercises to do but I’m happy to know it’s healing. 

Sunday has been my funday. It started with a good visit to church. I enjoy going and hearing the talk each week. Sometimes I get a lot out of it (like free therapy!) and it gives me things to think about. I no longer feel quite so self conscious about going by myself (haven’t run into POS) which I think is a good sign for my growth. I then hurried over to the golf course. What a hoot with my “brothers”!! I real golfed once back in ’97 with my dad and it was just argh. Today was so much fun and I actually was getting pretty into it. Unfortunately the rain and lightning hit us at the 12th hole so we booked it for the bathroom hut for shelter. Waiting with 3 guys in a small bathroom…we couldn’t stop laughing!  The flooding and when a palm tree got struck nearby made us rethink our plan when it appeared no end was coming. The carts were barely making it thru the water and we hydro planed across a lot of green not to mention getting soaked. But it was way too much fun. I hope I get invited on the next guy outing.

Well here’s to hopefully a good week ahead! 😃


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