Just dinner

I have a date tonight.

Except I don’t really want to call it that cause I’m not really looking for a relationship or anything right now. So what happened is Sunday golfing with the brothers had some posts & pictures on FB and I got a friend request from one of their friends. Normally I don’t accept people I don’t know or haven’t met, but we had a few friends in common and my brother said he was all right so I went for it. Ended up messaging him later that we all play cornhole on Mondays if he ever wants to stop out.

So here comes Monday & VV comes to hang out at cornhole. Turns out he knew a bunch of people so I think he had a good time (plus we are so fun so how can you not lol). We ended up talking at some point and hanging out which he did seem cool. Hilarious night moments…shitty girl and POS didn’t have their posse there that night so they were all over hanging with us. Lol. I did have to laugh that POS came and sat at our table with all of us while we were all talking & laughing. After he left for the night, VV was like “so that’s your ex? Does he want you back or something?”. I just shrugged and laughed (not sure what vibe he got to ask me that?). I mean what else can you do? It is a weird situation when I thought about it and honestly I don’t have any answers. People keep asking me like I have a clue but they really need to start asking POS what’s going on. 

Anyways VV and I end up making dinner plans for tonight. He asked a few basic questions about me (yes I’m single, no kids/marriage, job) which I did state I had just moved and was looking to meet people to hang out with. He works in a similar line of work as me and has 2 kids (both boys I believe). It will give us something to talk about tonight. I just want a casual fun night out.

And on the house roommate  situation…I went from living with the potheads (her daughter and son in law) to living at MTV Cribs. I get home yesterday from work to pounding music and people running around in bikinis. Apparently now her son & his gf from out of state are visiting for a long weekend. I just laughed to myself and went on my bridge walk. At least it’s always interesting at home!

I have physical therapy this afternoon (yay cause I can leave work early) and then I’m going for a pedi before dinner. Ahhhhh


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