Glad the week is over

Dinner with VV the other night was fun. We had light conversation, tried a new restaurant & then went to the beach for a bit. He seems nice (I say that cause don’t they ALL start that way?) & he’s fun to hang out with but I just get this sense he wants more. He wanted to hang out again so I offered an invite to tonight with my friends–the boat races are this weekend and there is a block party downtown where they’re on display. I’m hoping it will be low key in a group setting. He texts me daily though. I’m hoping when he gets his kids back next week it will occupy his time more. Yes–2 kids. A 10 yo girl & 8 yo boy. Which I have nothing against kids & I do have a better idea now how to handle dating with kids, but since kids were the demise of my last relationship I’m just not super eager I suppose. 

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Really excited for the holiday and day off from work! I need some time to unwind. Saturday night we might go hear another band and get some dancing on! Sunday is the food tour that I’m doing with POS and Monday is a party at my “brother’s” (which VV was invited so I may see him again). 

Speaking of POS…should I say anything to VV that I’m doing the food tour with him Sunday? I don’t want to lie or hide anything nor should I have to say anything but he has brought up POS a little when we hang out. I’m sure he’s trying to figure out the situation which I can’t even honestly answer. Sometimes I want to run over POS with my car and others I still love him. I know that’s messed up and also why I know I’m not ready to be with anybody else right now. I’m still working on me and getting my circle around me figured out.

I got my hair done last night with a new person & I love love love it!!! I feel so much better and excited. Funny how sometimes it’s little things. Maybe that’s the boost I need in the right direction?


2 thoughts on “Glad the week is over”

  1. I’d say if he doesn’t ask or mention Sunday plans then to not say a thing to VV. Don’t want to get crazy, confused thoughts in his head.


    1. ok. thanks for the advice! We are friends are FB & he seems to be all over “liking” my stuff (I’m not that entertaining) so I know he’ll see things I do over the weekend. Which I’m not hiding anything, but I just don’t want to be rude since he does seem to be a nice guy.

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