Keeping the negative thoughts away 

So I guess I have been waiting to get a text from POS today that he’s bailing on our plans for tomorrow. Haven’t gotten anything yet. Perhaps I need to be a more positive thinker, but it’s so easy to go negative. It’s his youngest daughter’s bday so I assume he’s doing things with her since (when we made plans) he was going to be working tonight til like 2am. 

My gf who was there last night got the fill in text this morning. She agrees with my roommate it was good that POS saw me out with another guy. Although she was a little surprised when I filled her in on the things I learned about VV. I’m still a bit annoyed by that. If I hadn’t asked him “so how long have you been divorced?” would I have never found out? I mean he had no problem asking if I was married or about kids or work and so forth.

VV did send a text today. “I hope i wasn’t being aggravating. I was feeling no pain last night.” I responded glad you had a good time. No mention if he’s coming to the party Monday. There needs to be some distance there. He even told me he had told his mother about me! Uhhh what?

And my other guy friend (who I’ve known for 2 years and moved out of state a few months ago) annoyed me today. Last night he texts he’s coming back for the weekend how if I’m not too busy for a beer. Sure let’s tomorrow afternoon. Never heard from him and at 3pm I see on FB he’s at a bar waiting for people. Yeah you can kind of fuck your self. Don’t give me a trip about how I’m always too busy and then never even text like you said you would. Yup I do stay busy. Spent too many years sitting around waiting for a boy to ask me to do something so now I just do my own thing. It’s now 7:15pm so I don’t think I’m getting that “afternoon text”. 


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