Well that was fun…not really!

So I went out tonight with friends and VV joined us. Took my 1st Uber…what a hoot! We were enjoying the street party, hitting different bars & just enjoying the night. The group wants to go back to a certain bar which was super crowded but we park it & find seats. VV & I are having some conversation. Turns out he’s technically still married. Ummm what??? Yeah it’s been 7 years and it’s just a piece of paper. Uhhh what?? Oh she lives with her bf and he’s dated other women. Apparently the reason for the slowest divorce is he took his parents divorce really hard so they’re doing it for the kids. Ummm wtf?? In my head if you would have divorced right away they would have been toddlers if even that. Now they are older and totally are aware of what’s happening!

I’m like wow this is a lot to process cause I don’t mingle with married men. But I’m going to the bathroom and headed home since others were already leaving. So I’m going to fight the crowd to the back for the bathroom & VV follows me.

Of course 10 feet from the bathroom is POS standing there so I walk by and jokingly punch him in the chest. Get in the bathroom line. Now VV is texting me my ex is stalking me which I ignore. I come out of the bathroom, stop by POS & the little group he’s with to say hi and have a good night & then continue on my way. VV is right on my tail I can tell.

He offers to drive me home which I took. Of course the topic of running into POS comes up and VV informs me that oh yeah he went up and shook his hand. Wtf??? Are you being serious? Yup he was. So now my last drink has really kicked in, my anxiety is starting & I just want to get home to shower and sleep. VV starts in about weekend plans so I inform him that Sunday I’m doing the food tour with POS (of course I now wonder if that’s really going to happen?). VV is all am I wasting my time? Seriously this is coming from a married man?!?! I said listen I never said I wanted to date anybody, I don’t know what’s going on with POS & I want to get my own shit figured out right now. We’ll see if he comes to the party Monday cause then he was like well do you want me to? Dude you’re an adult…do what you want. 

So I walked in the house and talked to my roommate. She thinks POS is going to be bugged that I was there with another guy and he will get his act together. I don’t feel that. I think he’s going to get whatever, shut down and cancel Sunday. Argh. I need some sleep and we’ll see what happens. 


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