Wasn’t the day I expected

So yesterday morning after church I changed clothes and headed to POS’s house so we could leave for the food tour. I pull up and no vehicles. Not even his youngest daughter who’s been staying there. I knock. Then I call him. He got stuck going back to work for an emergency and oh well with all that happening he forgot about our plans. Obviously I’m hurt…not because of the work situation but to not even be remembered. He’s all just reschedule. I said listen you don’t want to do this and you should have just been honest. Oh no I want to. So is there really a work situation or is this all bs to not go? Come down here. Ok so I did. First to have a face to face conversation. Second it would be easier to reschedule together. 

I go to his work where they are having issues. Again that’s not what bothered me. He apologized. I called the food tour and it’s rescheduled for 2 weeks from now. He starts telling me about his youngest who’s been living him and some issues he had. I just smiled. He helped her move to her mother’s new house the night before so he was actually happy she had left and her friend who is part of the package as well. So I said well since plans are shot for today want to do dinner later? He was like yeah so I said well I’ve been feeling steak so we can grill out but he said he wanted to go out. We made plans for later. 

Later I head to his house and off we go for dinner. The bill came and he went to pay so I put in for my half which he wouldn’t accept. I asked is this a date to which he said uhh no so I said well then my friends don’t need to pay for me. He said cause he’d screwed up plans for the day he wanted to. We were both too full for ice cream so we headed back to his house. I was surprised when we got there and he was like want to come hang inside for a bit or go to the beach? So we waited a half hour before heading to the beach for sunset. Which omg it was crazy crowded! Walked and hung out at the beach til well after dark before leaving. 

When we make it back to his house (he has to work but I have off) he’s like want to come hang so we watched tv and fell asleep. At some point I’m awakened by noise so I ask if somebody is in the house? Keep in mind we’re laying in bed. He had his shirt off but I had taken my shirt and shorts off to spend the night. Apparently his youngest daughter had come home with her sidekick. The doors to the rooms were open and my car was parked outside so I’m not sure what they thought or saw. Haha!! And here we actually had just fallen asleep and hadn’t slept together. Lol

This morning he started waking up for work and cuddled up with me for the last hour. I fell back asleep and he was gone when I woke. The girls were up and now had guys over from what I could hear talking. I got dressed and left without seeing them. I’ll be curious if she has anything to say to her dad. lol

But what a weird day it turned out to be (maybe weird isn’t the right word). Unexpected? And for a “not a date”…dinner, walk on the beach, watching tv, spending the night…it sure seems like a lot of date type activities to me. Or have I been away from dating for so long I don’t even know? What was interesting was he seemed to be the one that wanted to keep continuing our time together. Food for thought?


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