Happy 4th…let’s blow things up

Yup pretty much what we did. Lol. Went to my big brother’s for the afternoon of food, friends, hanging out til we started with the little fireworks for the kids. It was so much fun!! Within 2 minutes of the first round the helicopter came & circled. Then we got a couple drive by from the police. Lol. May I add it wasn’t just us…all parts of the neighborhood were setting off little things waiting for it to get dark before the big stuff went up. It was a good time and I was glad to be included.

VV did send me a text but didn’t show at the party . I had asked my brother if he invited VV? He said he had mentioned it but doubted he would show. He was also surprised when I informed him that VV was still married. Apparently after like 5-7 years he thought they had been divorced. I also asked if he’d invited POS & he said no cause that’s my private place to hang unless I bring him. I know it sounds silly but I really appreciate that.

Still been thinking about our Sunday together (me & POS). I realized I forgot my jewelry and credit card at his house when I left the other morning. I’ll need the card for my trip this week (yup going back home for a long weekend to work an event) so I figure I’ll stop by his house tomorrow night for it.

Even though it’s hot and I need to organize for my trip, I’m looking forward to the bridge walk tonight. I think some power walking will help clear the head! But first I have a dentist appointment which is blah…


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