Good trip…but happy it’s time to go home

It’s been a good trip north but I’m happy to be heading back south again. The job went well…lots of fun seeing friends & acquaintances that I don’t get to catch up with! Even time with the parents was ok. A few rough moments with my mom but we all went to dinner last night. I felt it was important to spend some together so I didn’t make any other plans. Friday night I went to dinner with my gf and we had so much fun catching up! I can’t wait til this fall when we have our high school reunion!

I got a lot of questions about my life and things. It’s hard to answer cause I really don’t know! Some of the girls gave me definite food for thought on dating and such. I’m feeling refreshed and recharged so perhaps in a way this trip was the boost I needed? I’ll see POS later tonight at cornhole and we do have the food tour this upcoming weekend. I wonder if VV is going to stop by tonight as well?? He’s been all over my Facebook posts still. 🙄 

Well the flight is boarding soon and I need to get some serious people watching in! Catch you on the flip side! 🌴☀️


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