Date like a man

That was advice given to me this past weekend when I was up north about POS. If I want dinner call him up (and let him pay they said?). If I want to hang out fine. Whatever I do is done on my terms. And if somebody better comes along while he’s filling space then go for it. I have to say when you think of it so black and white it does make it easier.

So yesterday at cornhole I went up to POS and said hey I need your help at my house blah blah blah. I actually have a few things that need to be done or fixed because GOOD NEWS there are renters signing a lease tomorrow!!! It’s an older couple, no pets, year rental, very excited they love the house. So far no red flags in the background or reference checks so next step is signing the lease & deposit. Yay!!! They want to move in August 1st so not too bad for me financially to keep paying double a little longer. I’ll just be so happy when this is over and the money is coming in. 

So back to POS…he readily agreed to help and actually offered to do more too. I also reminded him about the food tour this Sunday which he was all yes I know and I’m going. I said good cause this time I won’t be so nice if you bail and you’re getting kicked in the balls. Insert big smile.

I dropped my car off yesterday for the repairs from when the idiot guy hit me. Yeah finally. It then took an hour at the car rental cause they were having a disaster and had no cars to give out. Luckily my reservation was made 2 weeks ago so I was getting a car but I had to wait for it to be driven from another town. What can you do?? I just sat there and the lady was so nice she gave me another discount off and waived the gas so I won’t have to refill it. Bonus!

So VV did show up also at cornhole last night. We said hi and then he hung with other people. He popped over for a bit while we were playing to watch. But after we finished I went over to talk to POS about the house. Didn’t get to talk to VV cause then it was late and everyone was leaving. I’m not mad at him but if he’s still married I’m not sure what he’s expecting? Even if I’m not looking for anything serious I still want that other person to be single. I don’t want some nasty slut girl reputation. Group outings and casual get togethers is fine for now especially since we’re “new” friends. 


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