Fingers crossed…

Oh I’m trying not to think about it too much or stress but today is when the people are supposed to sign the contract to rent my house. I haven’t heard from my property manager (nor do I want to bug her) so I’m assuming things are still a go. I’ll call her after work to hopefully get some great news. 

And I’m also picking my car up after work from the body shop. They did call me yesterday morning there was more damage than they quoted. I stated anything in that area of the vehicle was from the guy hitting me so they were going to contact him. I didn’t hear back so I assume it was handled and we are still on track. 

I also went shopping after work for house items I need to fix or repair. Luckily I found the matching item I needed and now I can let POS know its good to go. Not sure when we’re going to go work on my house but soon. Especially if I have renters moving in!!

I came home from work yesterday to the house smelling of pot again. Wtf. Turns out her prego daughter and son in law were back. I know he does it not sure about her. Head to my bridge walk (I’m really liking that group) and come back to the new BF she has and the house still high. I really thought if she got rid the 30 yo slacker BF it might remain just occasional. Now the new BF is over all the time and that’s what they do all the time. Is that dating?? Go to dinner or the movies or beach! I love the house and location but I may end up looking around again if this doesn’t level off. 


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