Getting it together!

So happy after like 6 months things are finally starting to come together or head in the direction I want!

The renters signed a 1 year contract this week and I already got my payment for August cause they paid it all upfront rather than wait til possession. Yay!!! I’ve got some things to be done on the house in the next 2 weeks but I made calls and have people coming. POS is going with me next Saturday to do some things. Getting a renter is such a huge relief I don’t think I even realized how much I was starting to stress. I slept almost all thru last night which hasn’t happened in forever!!

I went to a friends dinner Wednesday night which POS & shitty girl was there. I still laugh at shitty girl…apparently a few weeks ago at a bar in front of people all night she was making out with a guy. She just found out oh he’s married and has kids. POS and a few others know him but didn’t know that (so much for really knowing anybody) so I think it’s even funnier. I was polite and just said wow but secretly I was like nice reputation booster. Karma is so good.

Yesterday was good too. Love having my car back finally! Went to a good bye party with a guy friend for somebody I didn’t know but it was a really cool fun group of people. You know how you just get a nice vibe? They are all from the same gym so I’m going to think about it and maybe join their gym next month. I’m not a huge workout person but I would like to maintain where I’m at now and I DO have my reunion in October. 

So glad to have no real plans tonight. Work is having a happy hour which is more like a mandatory appearance and then I’m out. I’m going to go watch kickball for a bit just to hang with that crowd cause it’s been a few weeks and make it an easy early night. Lots happening this weekend so I’m excited!!


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