Weekend review 

It was interesting I will say. Friday night was just chilling with friends watching kickball. A nice way to end the week. 

Saturday I went with a gf & her neighbors to the Dierks Bentley concert. It was a good time cause we spent the afternoon just talking and catching up on so many things. We both come from the same area up north so its refreshing to hang around “like” people. I had a good time, but the concert was a repeat pretty much of last year when POS & I went so it did at times get me down. But the drunks on the lawn around us kept it entertaining so that was good for laughs!

Sunday was the food tour with POS. It actually turned out to be a really fun day. We drove up there & turns out we were the only ones so we got a private 3 hour tour of all the places and tons of history about the area. It was hot but the food stops cooled us off and we had a great time! Totally encourage people to try those things if ever available. We drove back to POS’s house which I went in & we watched tv. Ended up falling asleep for awhile until he woke me that he needed to run to work quick so I went with. On the way back I did start asking questions. Probably cause I was still half asleep! Like why is he reading a blended family book? Which then led into talking about us. His issue he can’t get past is me having a relationship with the girls which I actually read a part of this blog to him from way back before the blowup where I state I want a relationship but just don’t know how or why they don’t like me. A few other things came up which he  listened and said he’d never considered it from that view or my side. We went inside and talked a little more. He said he’s not dating or seeing anybody (it’s funny he never asks me that?) which I said is one of my insecurities cause an ex would always start dating others whenever he got mad at me. I pointed out that the past 6 weeks we have been “dating” or whatever you want to call it. I made a remark about relationships being scary and he sort of blurted out “I’m scared” to which I stopped talking. That to me was the most real he has been and actually something I can understand. I thanked him for saying that & admitting it cause I’m scared too. We were watching tv and just hanging when I was like well I’m going to go to which he was all well whatever you don’t have to indecisive like. I wanted him to make the decision…not just oh I assume or fall asleep…so I said no you need to tell me do you want me to stay or go. He said I want you to stay. Nothing happened. We cuddled a little but fell asleep. It really was just a nice day.


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