Ahhh Monday

Today is the playoffs for cornhole which means it’s also the end of season. I practiced yesterday with my brothers so we’ll see how tonight goes. We start off playing POS & DD1 which we should win & then move on to the hardest team which I’m not sure we can get past. Fingers crossed!

Hopefully I play well because I need to find a new partner for next season. My brother is going back to his original partner. Sometimes there is partner shuffling if people can’t play again so I’m hoping to find somebody.

Got my tree guy coming to work on  trees at the house next Saturday. POS & I did a smidge but it was just way too much & when you have no way of dumping the stuff it’s a bigger pain. I just let him handle it. Let the property manager know so she can tell the renters so they don’t freak out. Also spoke with the door people this morning. Told them to grease those sliders up real good so the seniors can open them. They told me there is nothing wrong with the doors. I said I know but please just do it. I’m hoping these renters don’t turn into giant whiners if it’s not perfect. I’m worried the first time the ants crawl up and shut the water off. I swept the area really well, sprayed a bunch of poison and then dumped more dry poison around the equipment. Hoping that keeps the little shits away.

I notice POS has been liking things on my Facebook since last week which is interesting. He hadn’t had any interest on it in a long time. I’m not sure what that means? Also if he really did delete the Tinder app from his phone does that mean anything? I know better than to spend time thinking about that stuff (and let me say the Xanax does sort of help with not caring!) but my mind will wander for a few minutes. Maybe he has been giving us some real thought? Or maybe he just realized he’s too old and doesn’t have enough game to be on it? Hahaha!!

I’m excited to go check out that gym after work & see what that’s all about! Hopefully I’m not too intimidated to try it. 


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