I am drowning. Work is just way too much. It’s been building for awhile but I think I have finally hit my wall. We are short staffed. More are leaving. Work is growing. I can’t even do my regular duties let alone all the extras being dumped on. A new person is starting but haven’t heard when yet. I hope they are able to assist with all this & not just add to the mess. 

Monday was a good day for me (before the drowning started). I went to visit a gym after work & really liked it! I think it’s good people & a good environment for me so I’m excited to start next Monday. A little nervous and unsure but it will be ok once I get in a groove. 

Cornhole rocked! My brother & I were on fire. We crawled our way up beating everybody (even the top team!) to the playoff round. Unfortunately we lost there which was a bummer (the double elimination format let the losers we already beat come back again from another bracket) but considering nobody saw us coming it was great. And I got my first cornhole (all 4 bags in the hole same round) finally!!!!

POS was there cause we played him early on but we really didn’t talk. I saw later he had left without even a goodbye. Weird. I asked if he was coming back next season but him & DD1 hadn’t talked yet. I’m on the fence about him playing again. If there is no chance of anything between us then I hope he doesn’t cause I want to move on with my life. And it’s really hard to do that when you still have interaction with that person. Luckily it appears I have found a new partner so I am hopefully set for next season.

Tuesday I felt weird. I don’t know if cause I didn’t get enough sleep and the new drugs? I just felt in a fog most of the day. I mean it’s nice to block out a lot of crap but it’s also numbing. So I went home after work and got in bed. Rain came so I skipped my bridge walk. Got like 10 hours of sleep so I’m doing “normal” today. I would like to go for a bike ride after work today. It’s hot out but I need some exercise and fresh air. All this sleep can’t be right? I need to try the therapist and see if they have an opening sooner.

I am excited my gf is getting back in town. Our girls nights fell apart this month with everyone traveling and I really missed it. We have dinner plans Friday so should be fun!!!


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