Happy 101st post

I got a notice I had my 100th post so this makes 101. And I’ve got 30 followers…thanks for that too!

I got my bike ride in Wednesday before the storm which was great. I really needed that. It felt good to just pedal along and let my mind flow.

Today was a day of crap as far as the house was concerned. All that was left was for it to be cleaned so I hired a company. The house is vacant so mop the tile floors, clean 2 bathrooms, wipe out the appliances (which were new) & wipe the glass windows/doors. They sent 2 workers for an hour. Holy shit what a mess! They broke the curtain rod off the wall in the living room and the place wasn’t cleaned. I met them there after work with my property manager to discuss it. They claimed they needed several more hours. I was like to do what???? There wasn’t that much to do! I was really trying to stay calm but they were such idiots. Seeing as I was getting no where I paid them ($85 & they said it was another $120 if I wanted the shower done) and then we got supplies to clean and repair it ourselves. What a freaking joke of a business. I am so happy to be done with the house right now. It needs to start paying it’s own bills and making me some money!!

I feel my emotions roller coastering again. The meds definitely help and I’m trying to make sure I get enough sleep. I’m hoping as things settle down and I join the gym and get a bit of routine down I’ll do better again.


2 thoughts on “Happy 101st post”

  1. Congrats on your 101st post. I look forward to reading about your life all of the time. Thanks for taking time out to write. Sorry that today was kind of a crap fest for you though.

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