Little pity party time

Last night I went to dinner with my 2 gf’s and their boyfriends. It was fun & we all had a good time. Except when it was over at 9pm they went home and I was left alone. I was hoping we’d go out to another place but I also get being in a relationship & wanting to go home on Friday night together. But it sure is lonely when you’re single.

I love my girls and I’m glad I get along with their boyfriends so we can all hang out. They never treat me like a 3rd wheel or shy away from including me cause I’m single (some people have in the past I have sadly found out). It’s just a sucky reminder of what I used to have with POS & how much I miss him. And those moments we shared.

I know I’m just feeling sorry for myself and being single isn’t the worst thing. But I want more. I want somebody who cares. Who wants to know how my day was and tell me about theirs. I know I’m reaching the point where I’m over POS. It’s been coming but because he hasn’t been cut out of my life it was a much harder path for me. But I feel I have grown and learned about myself. And I’m starting to feel ready to move on. 


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