Beach therapy is the best 

I’m very fortunate to live only several miles from many beaches so today (Sunday) I decided to get some sand therapy. Church had a good message about running when there’s problems and how you have to eventually stop. It made me think. I am done running & facing my issues even as hard as it has been. POS is running. Who knows when he’ll stop & face his issues? Possibly never. It’s a hard thing to do & not everybody does.

Side note: I just saw a bit ago on FB that POS got a dog yesterday (a girl was rehoming it, the breed mix is high energy & a hunting/tracking dog so I figured this would be a bad idea) and oh today it already got out of his yard & is gone. He is sad!  Seriously? I think it’s rather funny ironic the new dog didn’t even stick around 24 hours. Apparently he wasn’t watching it very well in the small fenced backyard if he got out. It’s now storming to beat the band so who knows where he could have run off to by now? I hope he finds him cause that’s the responsible pet owner in me but odds aren’t good I would guess.

Saturday night I hung out with my “family” down here since there was a birthday to celebrate. It was good to be with friends and laugh. We talked about the upcoming cornhole and kickball seasons. I’m really excited for kickball…1-I got asked back so yay! 2-the new team should be fun. 3-I’ll be in better shape thanks to my gym membership! Also got some girl time in which was nice. They are supportive of me with my issues with POS but all feel I deserve better. And in the next few months think I’ll be meeting more people and the opportunity to date “better” guys is coming. I’m glad they feel so positive (I had shared how I felt bummed being single the night before) cause it makes me think the future does hold more. 

Tomorrow is my gym joining day. I got my gym clothes unpacked (yeah that’s still a project I haven’t finished) & ready. I’m no longer feeling nervous just excited. 

Here’s a funny…shitty girl last week at cornhole was all let’s go to the movies. I said yeah sure & of course never heard from her (not that I expected to). Today she’s texting me again if I want to go rollerblading and movies tomorrow. I don’t have rollerblades anymore and my bike won’t fit in my car so I can’t but I said sure for the movie. Actually I’ll go to the movie whether she comes or not. Lol

Another side note…the lady of the house went away for the weekend with her BF so it’s been pretty nice here with just me & the other roommate. The house has been quiet, no dog crap in my bathroom & it doesn’t smell like weed! Well she’s on her way back and now the daughter & SIL got here a bit ago. With like 4 bags of dirty clothes. Glad I did my laundry earlier! And I smell something funny now. Argh…


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