It’s not funny (but it kinda is)

So POS lost his dog yesterday less than 24 hours after acquiring him. He’s sad. He posts on FB. I did giggle cause I don’t see his “party” friends or groupies jumping in to help or say anything. Silence. Birds chirping. I did offer to help look but he was going out on a scooter (and then it started a horrendous storm that lasted hours including power loss and lots of big booms) so that was my contribution. 

This morning I see my brother made a comment on FB about checking behind the Chinese restaurant. Now I know that’s not funny but I laughed. Hard. I think animals are a good judge cause unlike people they won’t make excuses. So if the dog decided to peace out in a day what does that say about you? And given the sermon at church yesterday was about running away when things happen (which POS does) I found it all very ironic. Kind of sucks when it happens to you doesn’t it?

I got signed up for the next season of cornhole this morning with my new partner. Very excited! And my gf & her BF are going to play as well so yay I’ll have more friends to hang with Monday nights. I’m really hoping that POS doesn’t play again (although I’ll miss DD1) but I’m prepared if he is there next week. Just would suck to have to spend another 2 months seeing him every week. I do believe he will not be getting an invite back to kickball so at least if he is there it won’t be on the same team.

Can’t wait for my gym class after work today & see how that all goes. 


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