Baby stepping forward 

It was a busy week. The new gym has been great. I went Wednesday, Thursday & this morning. I have to do a bunch of visits by sept 30th to meet my work reimbursement program. It’s aggressive but I’ll be in shape! I surprised myself this week what I actually was able to do so I can only imagine in a month how I’ll feel.

Tinder has been interesting. Haha!! I actually have been messaging and now texting a guy. He’s a firefighter so we’ll call him FF. We seem to have easy conversation which I hope will happen in person. The other guys have been interesting. We’ll see if anything comes of those. 

Here’s a funny. POS texted me on Wednesday asking if I had some shirt of his. I said nope must of left it at somebody else’s house. I need to get my blended family books back from him. Perhaps I’ll stop by next week for them.

Cornhole starts again Monday with 18 teams. Maybe there will be some cute single guys! I’ll be curious if POS is there. Going over to my gf’s in a bit to grill and practice cornhole. Tomorrow is a fundraiser with a cornhole tournament. My brother’s gf is going to play with me. It should be fun!

I spent a few hours at the beach again today after the gym. It’s actually rather relaxing. I take a cooler with snacks and a magazine. I nap or people watch. It’s nice to just zone out and get some sunshine. 

Oh big news…my roommate’s daughter had the baby this week! And apparently when they leave the hospital Sunday they’ll be coming here for a few days. Wtf. I have never lived around a baby before and I don’t care to. This better be a very temporary situation!


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