Got the Monday’s?

I’m really trying not to have the blahs today but it’s raining again and that just sucks! Lol.

The weekend was good. Sunday was the baseball fundraiser and cornhole tournament. We did pretty good considering we thought we’d be knocked out after the 1st game but we played 4 rounds! There were like 40 teams which I’ve never done anything like that so it was all new. Good times! Unfortunately no single baseball dads (or any for that matter) hanging around so no luck in the man department. Haha! Still it was a really good day with friends.

Tonight starts the new season of cornhole with 18 teams playing. That’s just crazy! It should hopefully be a good time and I’m curious who all the new people are. Unfortunately if this rain doesn’t go away I’m sure it will be cancelled. Boo!!

Tinder has been pretty active for me. In fact I sort of stopped swiping just so I could catch up and weed thru who’s been messaging me for any real contenders. FF and I are still texting. He’s out of town at a sports function with his kids so sort of laying low there. Hopefully when he gets back we can meet. I don’t want to text somebody I don’t know without meeting for too long you know?? Another guy who wanted dinner turns out now to be too busy working and just wants FWB. I was like thanks for being upfront and see ya. I’m not really looking to hook up with a bunch of randoms. And like I’m going to even give it up without getting any dinner??!! Please lol


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