It’s raining. Again. Hard. That is just freaking depressing. I live in the sunshine state not Seattle.  This is day 3 of really good serious gushers of rain. And no sunshine. Luckily I’m not being flooded or anything so I’m happy for that.

Cornhole was cancelled last night. Went to dinner with one of the guys instead. We both agreed it was nice to have adult conversation. Lol Actually it was a fun time & nice to get to know somebody away from the typical bar scene we are usually at.

The roommate’s daughter still isn’t out of the hospital yet. Something isn’t quite right with the baby so they are keeping him. I’m still waiting to see how this is all going to play out. I actually have been keeping an eye out in places available in my area. Between this baby issue (is she really going to kick them out if they have no where to go? Please), always smoking weed & the latest BF she has I’m thinking I need to cover my ass. It’s a lot of drama I try to stay away from! The only issue is I LOVE LOVE LOVE my location so that’s going to make it hard to replace. I did actually just find a place right down the street and it’s $150 less a month. I sent an inquiry so we’ll see. I figure it can’t hurt to at least explore my options. 

This afternoon is my first visit with the new therapist. I’m not sure how I feel. I really needed to talk a few weeks ago to be honest. I can discuss some of the things like the housing that’s causing me stress. Or my relationship with my mom? But to be honest since my August 1st no contact with POS I have been doing ok. What’s funny is he texted me last week & now suddenly today he liked something on my FB. Whatever.

FF is still texting me while he’s out of town which I suppose is good? It’s his vacation and time with kids so I’m letting him take the lead on contacting me. I’ve had a few others from Tinder pop up with potential but again it seems not much comes of it. Is that the norm? Message a little, exchange numbers and text but then what?  I feel like I’m developing carpal tunnel and all you do is rewrite the same story to each new person. 


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