Am I there yet?

I really want to believe this. It’s been an adventure but I’m ready for it to be over. Let me rest a bit at least in some good times and then I can continue on the journey to wherever it is I’m headed.

I did get a response back about the housing and now I’m trying to go see it. No idea if it will be any better than what I have now, but it’s worth a look right?

Trying to set up some Tinder meetings. Argh so frustrating. I want to throw in the towel on that too. I know I need to be patient and just let things progress however they will with whoever. I think I’m just feeling stress in other areas of my life so I need to take a step back.

And I’ve also realized next week is my trip which I’m not ready for. I need to organize. And Delta needs to get their shit together too!


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