Blah-ness part 2

I met my therapist & it was good. I liked talking to her. We talked about a bunch of random topics, but didn’t delve into anything too deep. She asked what my goal of therapy was & I said I wasn’t sure? Basically having somebody to talk to when things get rough since I don’t have a great support system. So we set up appointments a few weeks apart to touch base.

I go to WI next week to work an event. It will be fun to see my cheeseheads!! I can use the break from FL and everything down here, but I also worry it’s going to be a long visit (Tuesday pm to Sunday pm). I recognize I like my routine and I was just getting settled into one. The gym has been good in that respect. 

It was raining still when I got home from therapy so I didn’t go for my bridge walk. Of course now I’m sort of not tired so I’m up. Spoke with my roommate earlier. Apparently the baby is coming home tomorrow.  It sounds like they may be here for a week or 2 now? It’s really a disorganized clusterfuck. I mean how can you NOT be prepared for a baby when you wanted one and knew it was coming?? They have no home, money or jobs. Clusterfuck. The hospital has already sent someone to check out our house since she did NO prenatal care or visits. Her mom has to sign papers for the baby to leave the hospital. Unbelievable. Unfortunately I didn’t get a reply back from the housing I saw earlier. Maybe I’ll try calling tomorrow? I definitely  am going to continue keeping an eye out. 


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