Checking things out

So I am supposed to go after work to see a condo that’s looking for a roommate. I say supposed to because I still don’t have an address of where I’m going. It’s sort of sounding a little weird already but I’m still checking it out. I got a call back from 2 friends who are sorting thru people cause the lady doesn’t want to deal with randoms. I get that I guess. So we’ll see what this is all about. 

I was going to meet a guy last night for ice cream but he was being such a moron about picking a place that I was so irritated I lied & said there was an issue at home so I couldn’t go. I mean seriously you had like 3 days to pick a place and he couldn’t. Wtf?!? He even called and left me some rambling voice mail about not being able to pick a place. We enjoyed listening to that at the gym. Haha!!

Another guy has actually made lunch plans for tomorrow. He’s 50 I think but already retired a few years. Props to him! Maybe I can get some tips to do that too. Lol

I came home yesterday from the gym and the baby and moron parents are at the house. That just sort of sealed the deal for me. A few friends have pointed out I need to move cause it’s a lot of drama. I love it there, but the situation has changed since I moved in. I’m afraid as the “newest” tenant I’ll be asked to leave if they want a bedroom back. It’s just too much anxiety for me and your home shouldn’t be like that. I’ll feel bad giving less than 24 hours notice if I do go, but I guess that’s just how things are. I have to worry more about me and not people I won’t deal with again.

I’m supposed to meet a guy at the beach tonight. So if you don’t hear from me again maybe you’ll see my Lifetime movie. Haha!!


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