Where to start?? What a weekend!

I need to do some major recapping here. 

So looked at that new condo last Thursday after the gym. Turns out the lady was a former a Playmate. No kidding! Lol. Not that she told me that, but her friends acting goofy sent me into Internet super sleuth mode so I did some digging. I can get why she doesn’t want to lead with that info cause you probably get a bunch of weirdos. She seemed ok and might have been fun, but the place to be honest was a bit of a hole. Out dated, small & looked like it was in the middle of a remodel but I have a feeling just ripped apart and not changing. At first I thought of going for it but after sleeping on it I couldn’t. The house I am at is really nice, I have a great room & again the location rocks. I would have had to get rid of even more of my stuff and furnish the little room which isn’t appealing. Not worth saving $150 a month plus I think my comings & goings would have been more monitored.

I went home after work Friday and luckily I caught my main roommate home alone so we could talk. I didn’t tell her I had been looking, but I did ask about the bambino situation and if I should be worried about my housing? She assured me they are leaving & she purposefully got roommates so they can’t move in. She apologized for any stress and told me to always talk to her about that stuff. Which I was being a bad roommate not communicating. I felt a lot better after we spoke! I do like my house and don’t want to move again. 

Thursday I met that guy at the beach for a sunset walk and then we grabbed a quick bite. He was nice to hang out with but not somebody I’d be interested in really dating. He commented that he can tell I hang out with guys when we were talking about sports. BUSTED!! Lol

Friday I met the Retiree for lunch. He seemed really nice and we chatted. He wanted to make plans again but with leaving town I am already busy so perhaps when I get back. He keeps sending me little random texts. Again I think a nice guy to hang out with but not dating material for me.

Friday night I met some friends at the beach to hang out and fish but the crappy weather had us all just sitting in our cars waiting. Lol. I was with one of my guy friends so we went for ice cream and then went to play pool for the night. I haven’t played in forever so it started really bad but it was fun!

Saturday was low key. Gym early and errand running. I really need to organize for my trip but of course I didn’t. Laying in bed and watching Olympics took priority! That night I went to a comedy club with some girls I met thru my bridge walk.

Sunday was pretty fun! The guy from Thursday night invited me out boating. Turns out his family has a pretty big boat so that was fun to cruise on, meet some new people and enjoy the great weather! Then met my new cornhole partner for dinner so we could strategize for tonight. Yeah right…we just wanted to eat & catch up!

Some random funnies. Ice cream guy still wants to meet and made a date for August 31st. I’m like that’s 2.5 weeks away but whatever. Haha!!! I was editing my phone Sarurday & accidentally called POS (I was removing his contact). Later he calls me all “oh I was sleeping but I just woke up and saw you called”. I was like yeah oops my phone. Lol. Kind of funny he was so quick to call back though. I see his FB is all reposting memories of a couple years ago with people partying or current shots of going out with people like 15-20 years younger. Which makes him look really old. Lol. My FB yesterday has me on the front of a large boat in my bikini waving and of course it’s gotten a TON of attention from my friends raving how great I look (I forget they haven’t seen skinny me) so that keeps popping back on POS’s news feed I’m sure. Even funnier!

Cornhole starts tonight. Yay!!!!


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