Hello from Wisconsin 

Reporting here from Wisconsin this week. Flew in after work Tuesday and staying the week for my side job. Totally fun so far except getting here sucked. Thanks to Delta delaying the first flight I missed the connection & got to spend many extra hours in Atlanta. Landed so late. Luckily they still had this little gem at the car rental for me. The Smurfmobile. I can’t stop laughing while driving. Lol

Cornhole was cancelled again Monday which was a bummer. We are now 2 weeks behind starting & I just miss it. The rain ruining plans is getting old. My brother sent me a request for the new kickball team next month so I’m excited that is getting organized!

My roommate sent me a text yesterday the bambino and new parents are gone. She also apologized for things being so crazy lately. I’m not upset or worried since we talked cause now I know what the deal is. As long as I wasn’t getting ousted I understand. 

My property manager called me this week. Apparently there is a issue with getting cold water in the guest shower so we have to send the plumber out. I never used that bathroom so I have no idea? I’m just happy the stupid ants haven’t gotten the water shut off!

So even though I’m out of town still been talking with some of the guys I met. They all want to get together when I get back. Haha! I talked with my guy friend how to keep things low key & no commitment with anybody getting pissed off. He said to just say “we’re hanging out” which I had to laugh cause that IS what the guys say. And it does totally keep you in the clear!


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