Let’s fly away

Back at the airport trying to head south aka home. Of course super Delta already has delays but the good news is I’m standby on an earlier delayed flight. Fingers crossed!!

Had a great time in Wisconsin! It’s always fun to see everyone and regroup. I even got a surprise visit from my parents one day which was cool cause otherwise I wouldn’t of seen them. It was a good trip…made some good $$$, got out of town for a bit (which I needed) & cleared my head.

Looking forward to getting back home and on my routine again. Cornhole should be starting tomorrow. I’m a little annoyed with my big brother. He asked the other day about POS playing kickball cause we needed another guy. I said please don’t. I just don’t want that in my life anymore. I’m moving forward and who wants that around?? Not me. In fact this week I need to stop by his house and get my books. It’s been a rough 6 months cause I have been “nice” rather than being hurt and angry and pissed about how he treated me. I didn’t do anything wrong or deserve to be treated that way! And the way he acts like he did nothing wrong is more infuriating cause it makes me realize what a waste of space he was in my life so I get even more fed up. Grrrr….


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