Bit of a bummer day

To backtrack I finally got home from Wisconsin Sunday well past my original arrival time. Thank you Delta who I will never fly again. Got home about 2am so I took a nap (can’t even call that going to bed) before going to work Monday. Which work was a total shit show all day. Apparently people felt I should be capable of fixing their fuck ups no problemo even though I had my own job to do. Ridiculous day.

Made it to the gym where I pepped myself up and completed the workout. Found a potential guy to play kickball too!! Rushed over to the first night of cornhole (finally!) only to discover it’s a major cluster. All the new teams meant nobody was on time so things ran horribly late. Which ticks people off. I was a little frustrated with my playing just cause I haven’t practiced, but had a good time with my new partner. I was also happy to not see POS there or his name on the sign up sheet. Yay!

Today started at the dr for my physical which they said I have the blood pressure of a teenager. Yay me!!?!? She wrote me another script for more Xanax and I check back with her in a month. When I got to work the new person had arrived. Always good when they at least show up.

At lunch I went to the bank and opened a savings account. I want to keep my finances a bit separate for the house (taxes and insurance). And I’m finally going to start having enough $$$ I can actually save!!! 

Unfortunately I heard from my mom today too. They had my oldest cat put to sleep. He was old and I knew it was coming when I saw him in July, but it’s just sad. He was my first fur kid. My ex & I got him together from the barn 16 years ago. He lived with my parents the past 3 years since I moved south and my dad is taking it pretty hard (they became buds). 

I was going to walk tonight but I’m wiped. I think I need a night off to just veg and get some rest. Laundry would be good too. My room is such a disaster mess I don’t even know where to start. Argh….not motivated yet


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