Sunday funday 

It’s been a really good weekend!

Friday was lots of fun at the football game. It was only my 2nd NFL game so I think it’s pretty cool. The weather driving up was blah but during the game was great so really a perfect evening to be outside. 

Saturday morning I did my gym class which I am really enjoying it there. The people are very nice and I am starting to get in some sort of shape too! Then I went home and was a bum. Slept for a few hours before I finally tackled my laundry and cleaning my bedroom. I didn’t finish my room but at least it’s a little safer to walk in now and a tad more organized!

Saturday night was my date with POS. We went to dinner which was very low key. We talked and laughed a lot. It did stop raining so we opted out of a movie & went for ice cream and a walk around the shops instead which was nice. Obviously I want to be optimistic but I’m staying guarded for now.

Today I went with a friend and a whole group of people to a soccer game in O-town. So much fun and laughs! We got poured on so a trip to Walmart right now for dry clothes cause it’s a long ride home. It’s been a long day though. I can’t wait to get home in bed but it’s been a great weekend!! 


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