Hitting the hump

This week is blah. The rain won’t stop. Cornhole was cancelled Monday night. Rain and general blahness continuing today and tomorrow. The only good part is hopefully once it hits land north of us the weekend will be better. 

No cornhole Monday meant a free night so I called POS about dinner. We were going to grill at his house until his AC froze up so we went out for a bite instead. It was a nice night to take a walk after dinner too between the rain drops. We’ve been texting a little since. It seems to be going well but again…still keeping my guard up. 

I have a therapy session tonight. Not really sure what to talk about? I’m not feeling very stressed or worried about anything. I should have canceled but it was too late. I guess I can talk to her about POS since I haven’t told anybody else. I think other aspects of my life feel ok right now. My housing is good. Work is busy but good. The social life is good.

Speaking of the roommates. How weird I came home Monday from the gym to find the ex boyfriend there with his shirt off eating dinner. I was like wtf??? Later that night she tells me he was there to get stuff and telling her about his new gf and life yada yada. I’m like so you fed him!?!? I would have given him his shit & told him I had plans so he can wait for a ride outside. Yup he’s still a major loser with no ride or home or anything. So here comes Tuesday night and the same deal. He’s back and having dinner. Really?? The newest BF shows up late at night after work cause I see his vehicle in the morning when I leave & I’m assuming he doesn’t know about any of this. I’m just waiting for this to blow up into some giant drama rama!! I know that if I came to POS’s house and he was making dinner for a half naked ex gf there would be some serious explaining!!

I have a 3 day weekend coming up with the holiday and absolutely nothing planned. Which is a little strange for me but I’m trying to just roll more and not be such an over planner. I’m hoping to get some beach and sun time though! 


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