Hermine is passing by

So over here on the Gulf coast Hermine is passing by. Making actual landfall further north of me but still LOTS of rain and water going on. Haven’t seen the sun since Sunday when I was at the soccer game. Am so tired of the rain and clouds and general dreary blahs!

Spoke to POS at lunch today. We’re going to do something this weekend. He’s trying to catch up at work so he can have Sunday off. Not sure what we’ll do. He said he’d call me tomorrow.

My therapy was cancelled Wednesday. There was no power in the building so she said we could sit in the hot dark but I opted out. Saves me $25 & I don’t really feel I needed to go that day.

So due to the storm things were closing up today so I came straight home after work which is pretty unusual for me. Apparently my roommate wasn’t expecting me either cause I walked in on her and the old BF here again. I’m really not sure what is going on cause he’s still here hours later! The new BF shows up late at night so this is interesting. It’s none of my business although I think it’s not cool & cheating is something I will never understand. If all the parties know about each other and still choose to stay together then that’s fine. But I highly doubt the new BF knows anything and I’m sure the old BFs new gf doesn’t know anything either. That’s just not fair to other players. Not to mention…why would you even want some d-bag that has cheated on you before several times and is now cheating to be with you?? I’m sure it’s only cause he wants something (money, food, housing, phone, rides) and once he gets it he’ll peace out again.


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