Hello weekend

My weekend started well. Friday was good at work. It’s been crazy busy but the new person seems to be getting in the swing. We have another new person starting end of the month so hopefully we’ll be caught up and I can go back to doing you know my job duties that have been very neglected.

POS sent me a text about grilling out at his house for dinner. I said sure and invite the girls (his 2 adult children). Neither was able to come but I feel if I keep extending the invitation they’ll know they are welcome and we won’t have the bad relationship like last year. Dinner was nice and we just laid low around the house for the evening.

It’s been 1 month at the gym which I have really enjoyed so I signed up for a real membership. I am only going to go twice a week and that will have me reach my quarterly work goals to get reimbursed. It’s more expensive than I anticipated but with the reimbursement and my new self budget I am going to splurge.

Financially I feel things are slowly falling into place. It’s just going to take a few months for the bills to even out. I’m no longer paying for anything on my house!!! The rental income covers all those bills plus I even make extra. I already have my tax money for in November so I’m ahead! I do want to this month look into some fencing for the house so I need to get started on getting quotes for that.

POS just left for work and I’m going to head to the outlet mall. I am in dire need of work pants that fit cause everyone keeps yelling at me. Sorry I didn’t run out shopping but I wanted to make sure I was staying this “new” size and I also was worried about money. Once money is an issue I think it’s something you always worry about. I need to also look for a dress for my high school reunion the end of the month!


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