Pushing thru the week

This week has been a challenge for me. I didn’t feel well Monday & pretty much stayed in bed all day. It felt wasteful since it was a day off from work but then I thought why not rest? What else should I be doing? I’m not sure if the stress and anxiety had me feeling icky or if maybe I did have a little something? I’m still continuing on my meds. I try to get enough rest. I think having POS around again is creating anxiety for me. One cause I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Two because I haven’t told anybody (except my new cornhole partner cause he doesn’t judge). I’m not lying to anybody but not being truthful either. Especially with my parents which it will be hard to tell them should things continue progressing. But I want to make sure I guess things ARE moving forward and working before I tell anybody.

Work has been crazy this week! Even with more people it’s not helping. So much to catch up on.

I went to the foot dr yesterday to have my big toe looked at. The nail was funky and somewhat ingrown so he did his magic (I tried not to watch and pass out). Hopefully this does the trick this time. I had to go a year ago and have the same procedure so not sure why it keeps happening. He said it could just be my toe. Good news is kickball isn’t until next month now so plenty of healing time. The important things in life you know. Haha!!

Had a new trainer at the gym last night. I don’t think we meshed. Nothing against him. He’s good at it. I just didn’t enjoy it at all and honestly the reason I’m there is to laugh and relax. I’m not going to be a super workout person or want to be all that…that’s not my goal. If I’m not having fun I can go spend my money elsewhere…like the therapist instead. I’ll have to try to find out what days he’s there so I can avoid him. So much my Tuesday workout night plan.

I’m going after work today to 2 stores to talk fencing for the house. I’m excited to be moving forward on that project. I guess the plumber finished his shower project and my bill is on the way. Can’t wait to see what that cost me.

Supposed to meet friends for a drink or dinner or whatever tonight. I think I need some down time. I may stop by POS’s house on the way just to say hi and quick chat. Or on the way home. Haven’t heard from him this week.


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