Feeling better

So Wednesday I stopped by POS’s house on my way home from dinner with friends. Just to say hi, get a hug (it was that kind of week), a little face time. I’m glad I did. I only stayed an hour but we chatted and laughed and talked about some upcoming plans. It made me feel a lot better. I told him I’m having anxiety lately and I don’t know why…happy, scared, anticipation, who knows?? We are going to do something Saturday night and hang out Sunday after he gets off work in the morning. I know it’s weird but just knowing that makes me feel better cause now I can plan my schedule. I can’t help it…I like to plan and have things organized. I’m trying to get a handle on that. I know it’s a control issue and I’m not sure when it became so out of control?

I’ve been trying to find a routine this week but with the holiday it’s just not happening. Even my gym time is off. I have been tired though so I crashed early last night when I got home. Tonight I’m meeting a friend and others for his bday on the beach to watch the sunset. Yay!! And I’m going to go shopping after work. On the hunt for that elusive reunion dress. Not quite sure what it is yet but I’ll know it when I see it!

Just met at the house with the 1st fence contractor for a quote. 65′ of 6′ vinyl fence no gates or anything installed is just over $1700. Yowza! Not what I expected. I had thought less than a $1000 so I’m curious what the next 2 companies will price at. Also met the renters. Nice people and they are very happy with my house. Good!


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