Don’t overthink

I’m having a good weekend & just trying not to ruin it. Lol

Friday I went dress shopping after work. Found some dresses for the reunion. It’s weird…I’m not quite sure what to wear? It says not formal but it’s drinks & appetizers so I’m thinking along the lines of a cocktail dress? I have a feeling people will be dressed all over the board so I’m aiming for the middle. I’m getting dresses as I find ones I like and then I’ll decide. 

Friday night was spent at the beach with my cornhole partner celebrating his birthday. He wanted low key and sunset so that’s what he got! It was a nice evening just hanging out, watching the water & chatting with friends. I forget how spoiled we are to have the beach so close and not take advantage more often. It really is great therapy! Saturday I actually slept in which never happens! Went shopping again and then stopped by POS’s house on the way home to touch base for later on. We went to dinner at a place on the water which was very nice and relaxing. Then we met my friend & her BF for a drink. It was a very nice night. 

Today I went to church & some more shopping before meeting POS for a late lunch after he finished work. Another friend joined us. She’s having major relationship issues with a guy (who is also a friend of ours). I feel bad for her & him…it’s gotten so crazy I really doubt it’s fixable. POS & I listened but afterwards we were both like wow. It made me realize we really are trying to work on things and how I have grown in dealing with relationship issues when I hear her say how they are acting or doing things. It’s a lot of drama and I am so glad not to be in any of it!

The rest of today has just been bumming. Took a nap during the football game. POS must of woke up cause now I hear the lawn mower going. And I’m just trying to sit back, enjoy the little moments & not overthink anything. Saw this little gem of wisdom in the bathroom at a bar this weekend (it cracks me up these bathroom inspirations): I’m going to follow that ❤️😊


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