Today is my coworkers last day so I’m just feeling a little blue. Which ironically is also the color I wore today. Lol I’m happy for her and that she gets to enjoy a fabulous retirement, but I’m also a little selfish in that I won’t get to see her everyday and I’ll miss her.

Also POS has been really busy at work this week & isn’t sure if he can come to the concert Sunday. Which is a bummer cause he’s been working everyday for like 3 weeks so really he can’t leave at like 4pm on a Sunday and it was something I was looking forward to sharing with him. He’s going to let me know later today.

Paddle boarding last night was pretty cool. I didn’t fall!! I had a good time, the group was really nice & it was lots of fun. Something I will definitely do again. Got the gym after work and then dress try on time. We are doing a girls night too so that will be fun! I’ll need some laughs I think later on.


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