Good bye summer

It wasn’t perhaps my best summer but it was definitely one with growth & change which I welcome as learning experiences. Not quite sure where it will take me. I feel though like I am on a better path to being more of the person I want to be. I took a walk yesterday on my lunch break down to the beach. I needed a little timeout. I know…I’m spoiled lol 

It’s been a busy week. Sunday night POS & I went to see the Zac Brown Band and met some of our friends there beforehand. Great concert!! Totally go see it if that’s your kind of music cause they really can play.

Monday was back to work & the gym & cornhole. I peaced out early to get home to see the new Big Bang Theory start. I love that show! Plus I needed an early night and some sleep. I hate starting the week behind cause then it just seems to drag you know?

Tuesday after my bridge walk I stopped by POS’s house cause he had my license and credit card from Sunday. I ended up grabbing us dinner which we ate and then we went to bed & watched tv. I haven’t spent the night during the week in a long time but it was sort of nice to have a mid week visit. When I left in the morning we made plans to do something Friday night. I haven’t heard from him since. I know he’s really busy at work this week getting projects wrapped up but it’s like come on you can’t take 20 seconds to send a “hey there” text at some point? I find that kind of shit really annoying cause part of me is like if you can go days without contacting me then what are we doing??? Do you even want a relationship?? Then I tell myself to chill out, take a breath & step back. We do have plans to go spend Sunday at Disney so maybe in his mind he knows we are spending time together coming up so that’s good enough for him? But is it really good enough for me? I haven’t decided yet.

Got my hair done last night. Blonded it out again for the reunion next week. Which now they are saying they need to still sell XYZ tickets so my gf & I aren’t sure what that means??? I already have my plane tickets so I’m going regardless and to be honest I could use a fun getaway from here.

Met with the final fence contractors this week too for bids. After the last guy decided to no longer honor the quote he gave me in the field versus the one he sent me the next day from the office (almost a $200 difference!!) I went back to the other company I liked. Final price is $1399 so more than I had anticipated but not bad. I haven’t gotten scheduled yet but they are a few weeks out so next month it will be installed. Yay!!!

How weird my roommate had the old ex BF over last night when I got home. She was making him dinner and I don’t know what else. I know he spent the night cause she left before me this morning to drive him to work (of course he has no car). I just wonder what the current BF thinks of that? I might ask her if she brings the topic up. I mean here not even 2 weeks ago she got a new phone number and told him to bug off yet he’s back! And he still is a loser douche who doesn’t take her out or have a car or money or anything yet he wants her back??? Way to be a charmer.

I’m hoping to have an early night and get some laundry done after the gym. I haven’t told POS but I have a bday dinner party Saturday night. I think it’s good I have plans so I’m not sitting around on weekends waiting for him. If he wants to do something then maybe I can work him in. Or not. I’ll see him Sunday.


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