Go go go

That’s a little how I feel. I haven’t been writing as much as I should cause I have just been too tired at night. Last week ended well. POS & I went to dinner Friday night and then met up with a few of his guy friends for a drink. He had to work but we needed some laughs and to get out for a bit. He even said later it was perfect and a good evening. It was funny when we were going to bed & watching tv he kissed my head and said good night baby cakes which was his nickname for me & he hasn’t said that to me in forever so it was nice to hear. Perhaps a sign things are going well & moving in the right direction for us?

Saturday I went for a bike ride and then to the beach for a few hours. Red tide is here so dead fish all over and it’s smelly. I wasn’t bothered by it (sometimes I start coughing) so I just walked & sat on the beach. Dinner that night with a group from the gym was really fun & not a too crazy late evening cause the next day was Disney with POS!

We started at Animal Kingdom and had some really great encounters with animals and seeing a lot of cool stuff before we headed over to Epoct. Food & Wine is taking place which we enjoy so we moseyed around looking and snacking. We’re going to come back a couple times so by midafternoon we called it a day & drove back home. Were bums watching tv before dinner and then I crashed at 8:15. Haha!!

This week the 2nd new person started at work. She seems to be getting the hang of it without too much hand holding. Which is good cause this is the easy stuff. It’s only going to get more complicated as we try to show more. Cornhole was cancelled last night cause it was monsooning. Like 5 blocks over it wasn’t but there it was. Annoying! The gym had been good. I got all my workouts for the quarter I’ll need for work reimbursement so I’m happy. It’s been 2 months and I know I am stronger. I have put on about 10 pounds which doesn’t please me (I’ve been eating crap in addition to a little muscle) but my friends said I honestly needed it cause I wasn’t looking so good. I just want to stay where I am now then! My new clothes are sweet & I want to wear them!


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