Oh I have so much to share & have been so bad about writing.

So I had a therapy appointment the end of Sept. My monthly check in visit. It went well. We talked about several things. I feel pretty good about where I am in life & how things are going. Even with POS. My anxiety feels under control. No crazy thoughts or feeling overwhelmed or being sick. Getting my sleep. Still on the Prozac which she agreed has helped when I start to get those crazy thoughts to keep calm and work thru it. I don’t want to be on meds forever and it is a really low dosage but maybe a few more months?

Went to my high school reunion last weekend up north. SO MUCH FUN!!!! I needed a weekend to laugh and hang out which is exactly what I got! It was good to see people & catch up. Plus I looked awesome! Some people have changed and some people haven’t so that was interesting. I also stopped by my parents and talked with them. Told them my life is going well & that POS and I were seeing each other. Unfortunately they had already been told by nosey ass family members who saw it on Facebook when we went to Disney so they were a little upset by that but it is what it is. I apologized and said I wanted to tell them in person and that was never my intention they hear it elsewhere. Of course they aren’t thrilled POS is back but they acknowledge it is my life and I have to do what I want. So I guess somewhat supportive? They are 1300 miles away so I need to not worry so much about pleasing them. Old habits even as an adult are very hard to change I suppose.

This week has been busy. Hurricane Matthew is approaching the other side of the state. Hopefully we won’t be too affected. Getting caught up at work and back on schedule. Unfortunately cornhole keeps getting cancelled with the rain. The gym had been good. Making some friends there which is great!

I stopped by POSs house Sunday night on the way home from the airport just to say hi & quick catch up. Then Monday we did dinner and watched Big Bang Theory (our fav show), but I went home right after it was over. Stopped by tonight to catch up while we watched some hurricane news and then headed home. We are going to see how the weather & work goes tomorrow before we make plans.

Here’s some nice shots I got from my lunch walk this week. You’d never guess a hurricane was coming!


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