Scared of happy??

Is anybody scared of being happy? Does being happy…like really truly happy everything is going right…worry you??

I saw this post & I’m starting to feel that way. I don’t know if I have ever really truly been totally happy and while I don’t know if I am now…I am at least as close as I’ve ever been. My life is finally going right! And then even thinking that sort of freaks me out cause then I just KNOW something is going to go wrong. Or bad things will happen. Or everything I’ve worked for will fall apart. I don’t know but something REALLY BAD!

I know. Breathe. Stop over thinking. Relax. Nothing is wrong. But sometimes it’s like the hamster wheel that just keeps spinning & spinning & spinning. You can’t stop yourself. At least the good part is I can now recognize when I’m acting oh slightly crazy and I work myself thru it. Which is pretty much reminding myself nothing has happened, nothing is wrong, it’s all in my head & to calm the fuck down. 

POS & I had a good time last night. Went to a new to us place just down the street for dinner and they had a fun band playing. It was just one of those really super nice nights. Of course a few of the Mai Tais helped start the weekend for me…after hurricane party!! 


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