Roommate drama

So it doesn’t involve me directly but there has been some drama in the housing situation again. 

Part 1…2 weeks ago I get a text from the main roommate that the other guy (who I share the bathroom with) is moving out. She’s upset cause he only gave 5 days notice so she asked if I ever want to leave to give more notice. Ok fine. Understandable but with no contract or deposit to lose unenforceable. Honestly you have to jump on housing here and if I’m moving I’m not going to miss out so I can give her enough notice. 

Part 2…which now leads to the reason she’s upset is cause she’s getting married! In a week and half! So financially this leaves her in a bit of a pickle. But who is she marrying cause #1 had suddenly popped up a few days before?? Or is it #2 who’s she’s been dating a few months?? I had to actually point blank ask who cause I was so confused!!! Turns out it’s #1. So back to the guy she was with when I originally moved in. She’s happy and it’s not my life so whatever. 

Part 3…except it leads to this which has me a little upset. When the other roommate left I asked about finding another and was told oh no they are going to leave it empty. Plus with the wedding planning of less than 2 weeks they are busy so I figured down the road. They get married Friday and leave for the honeymoon. I have the house all to myself. Until I come home Sunday evening to find some strange man unpacking and claiming to be the new roommate. Uhhh WTF!?!??! Luckily I had POS with me cause I was like who are you and what’s going on??? I mean he seems ok but seriously. I was told nothing. I get they are busy with the wedding but they were able to ask me to pay rent a week a early so they’d have cash for the honeymoon so obviously SOME things they can remember. The lack of consideration is irritating and will be remembered when I give notice to move out some day.

I stayed at POS’s house last night cause I wasn’t staying in the house with some random strange man by myself. I’ll be having a little chat with the roommate when I get home tonight. I mean really who does that???


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