Loose ends

This has been a week of cleaning up loose ends and trying to stay on track.

It started with the fencing company when I went to check the fence last week after I got back from my trip. Looks great except it’s not really where we discussed?? Wtf is the huge gap between my fence and the neighbors?? Apparently the neighbor came out and yelled at the fence people about where THEY felt the property lines were despite the markings from the surveyor and the fence company having a site survey in their hands from me so they just moved the fence down. I said why was I not called or the project stopped?!?!? The fence looks good except for the huge gap which isn’t going to stop the trespassers cutting thru which my renters are complaining about and why I got the fence! So after some conversation with fence guy we’re seeing how things go and if it needs to be added on. Seriously though a phone call was all I needed and that’s what pisses me off. 

Married roommates are back. No real explanation of who new roommate is or when that happened. New guy is short term and I haven’t see him so it’s working out well so far.

So POS & I have been back together almost 2 months. I’m not sure what we are or where things stand so I think that conversation is coming. When guys ask me out what should I say? We haven’t had any commitment type talks or anything along those lines. I don’t want to seem crazy but if we’re still not even on the same page after all this time then maybe it’s just not going to work. I don’t want all my eggs in the basket if he’s not and then a few months from now get the “oh I wasn’t going to commit to more” story. When we’re out and run into people he just introduces me by my first name. No explaination of who I am so I could be his sister or his neighbor??

Monday night at cornhole I was playing and hanging out so I was really surprised in a good way when DD1 came up and said hi. I hadn’t seen her in a bit so we caught up a little and were talking. I was surprised a bit later when POS showed up. I mean let’s be honest…he wasn’t there to see me. I’m sure he came cause DD1 had told him she was there and he admitted he was sitting at home bored. So I could try to believe that it was to see me but deep down I know it wasn’t. And I guess that hurts a little? Idk

I got a text when I was at the gym from POS about tomorrow nights game plan. We are going with some friends to see a local concert but apparently some one is having a surprise welcome back to town party we are stopping by at before. That will be interesting depending who shows up (honestly I don’t think anybody has missed this girl the 2-3 months she’s been gone but whatever). The girls in this crowd can be bitchy and shallow so we’ll see how it goes.

Today was Treat Yo Self day…what did you do? 


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