And from the other side 

Talked a little with my big bro at cornhole last night about POS. He’s calling bullshit on the whole thing. The “sadness” is POS playing me and getting busted. He doesn’t think he’s seeing anybody else but he does feel as a guy that POS is just playing games. I know my bro cares for me & doesn’t want me to get hurt again so I really do hear what he’s saying. And believe me it is things I have been pondering as well!

So with that said today is a blah day. I tried to step it up and wear a cute dress and make myself feel good. You know the whole fake it til you make it? I didn’t really get enough sleep. And now the hamsters are running on the wheel again. Lots of thoughts running amuck.

I’m going for my bridge walk tonight and then think I’ll pop in at POS’s house. A little face to face chat gives me a better feel on things. Plus it’s harder to lie looking somebody in the eye. 


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